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Himalayan Salt Lamp


So popular that they sell out for us all the time! 

Not only will they add an earthy-cool vibe and romantic subtle glow to any room, but they also carry with them many years of history; They are created from 250 million year old rock salt (WOW!) found 500m underground, in the foothills of the Himalayas, and are imported and distributed in NZ by Mt Meru NZ. These areas remain serene, undeveloped and unpolluted - the salt itself is all mined by hand.

Please note: As Crystal Salt is hygroscopic; it draws moisture from the air, so lamps should be left on all the time to remain warm and moisture free, as a heated salt lamp will dry itself off. Keep on a waterproof surface.

- Comes in 2-3kg and 5-7kg sizes
- Sits on hardwood base
- 2-3kg comes with standard switch lead and 1 bulb
- 5-7kg comes with power cord with switch and dimmer, and 2 bulbs
- Extra bulbs available here