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200 Women Coffee Table Book

Original Price $65.00
Current Price $60.00

A beautiful book inspired by the belief that you can't empower women without listening to their stories. 200 Women is a book full of known and un-known women from all corners of the world sharing their authentic stories. Each of them are asked the same fundamental questions, but each response is so diverse. Be prepared to be inspired and empowered...and maybe grab the tissue box if you wear your heart on your sleeve like me!

We fell in love with this book, it is truly moving. There are many local, New Zealand women that are interveiwed for this book, making it so special. AND the publishers are right across the road from our store on K' Road, how cool is that?!

- A percentage of the profits go to charitable organisations nominated by the women in the book!
- Different women feature on the cover, including Susan Carland, Inna Modja and Damaris Coulter on the dust cover, and Chimamanda Adichie on the inside cover.
- Looks great with or without the dust cover.
- 297mm x 230mm.
- 396 pages.