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2022 Daily Planner in Sage

Original Price $85.00
Current Price $42.50

Yes, these 'Made of Tomorrow' planners are beautiful, but they are also so much more! Firstly, they are actually made in New Zealand - this rarely happens when it comes to stationery and diaries. Secondly, the covers are made from recycled coffee cups and the internal paper is FSC certified. That means that the wood used to make this paper has been independently audited by the Forest Stewardship Council who verify if their product is environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and made in an economically viable manner, all to stop illegal deforestation.

The Daily Diary is a very popular size, being both large enough to take on the go while still having plenty of space to write and plan every day with one full page.

It also features:
- Beautiful die-cut packaging made from recycled coffee cups
- 185mm x 240mm (small A4)
- Daily layout
- Month views are double paged
- Dates important to ONLY New Zealand and Australia (what a relief)
- Made in New Zealand

This daily diary is also available in Peach, and we also have 'Made of Tomorrow' weekly diaires available in other colours too!