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Lavender Bicarbonate Free Deodorant

by B.Bold

B.BOLD make our favourite all natural deodorants - we've tried so many and these come out on top! 

Their new lavender and eucalyptus scent is herbacious, floral and refreshing. It's delicate and subtle with a gentle freshness.

The reason B.BOLD works so well is all because of science! This bicarbonate free formula works effectively because it uses magnesium hydroxide to alter the pH in your armpit, which means the bacteria doesn't stand a chance at causing body odour.  

This formula is great for soothing sensitive skin, and the arrowroot & kaolin clay absorb moisture to make sure you stay nice and dry. The consistency is stable and easy-to-use, with a lovely powder finish.

Aluminium and bicarbonate free and in a reusable/recylceable glass jar - what dreams are made of! 

  • 58g
  • Made in Lyttelton, NZ
  • No animal testing
  • Natural ingredients