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Beginner Gardener Booklet

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We are so pleased to work with The Koanga Institute. This Hawkes Bay group are the leaders of historic NZ seeds and are the leaders in the bio-intensive gardening and nutrient dense food realm as they are  practitioners, researchers and teachers in the area. Now we are facing a fast approaching climate change, food security has never been more important so these booklets are great to teach us self-reliance and ecological design.

This booklet is for those who want to plant for food. From this booklet you will have the skills to make 'The 40m2 Salad', stir fries, soups and stews. 

The booklet begins with a questionarre for you to plan your garden considering size, climate, nutrition, equipment and seeds. You will then learn about double digging, bed preperation, composts, fertilisers, and crop rotation. You'll learn how to propagate your seed and how to transplant them in to your very special new garden

- A5 size booklet
- 100% recyclable, but best to either keep or share with friends

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