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Brown Striped Socks

by Nooan

This is not your average sock! This is made with PREMIUM materials. You get the advantage of possum and merino sock, but with a lightweight knit. Perfect for outdoors, sneakers, and both breathable and warm for both seasons.

The possum fibre is made by the last mill in Aotearoa, who is also contracted by luxury brands like Hermes for their well known craftmanship, and of course that it is ethically sourced (from conservation programs run by New Zealand Department of Conservation) and tracebale.  Functional Possum merino yarn has the ability to control temperature & humidity. This means you will be able to exercise for longer & more comfortably in both summer & winter. It also keeps you fresh, by absorbing odour molecules. Typically Possum fiber is not known for durability but Nooan have invested years of development to make these socks durable for extended wear.

The merino used is 'ZQ' which is a certified sustainable, ethical and tracable brand that focuses on animal welfare by adhering to five basic freedoms for healthy sheep: They are hydrated, live naturally, without discomfort, without stress and without disease). ZQ is also known to be the most luxurious, light and soft merino on the market.

Oh, and made in Aotearoa. Can you ask for any better??

- The sizing is pretty fluid, but this sock is a 'Medium' which is typically a EU 38-40 
- Light weight and perfect for sneakers and urban footwear. 
- 57% ZQ Merino, 22% Possum down, 12% Nylon, 9% Lycra