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Clear Bell Umbrella

by Lethaby
Sold out

Just like those 60's fashionistas, you too can look gosh darn amazing while out in the rain!

Not only do these umbrellas look great but they are incredibly practical;
- The classic bell shape means it will be near impossible to be turned inside out by nasty winds.
- It also means that you can bring your arm right down and be IN your umbrella - no more sidewinds messing up your hair
- And its translucent nature means that you have no more awkward bumping-into-people moments...

Mid range ladies tube umbrella. Bell shape in design with clear/see through PVC materia

-  58.5cm radius
- 36cm of pvc cover when open
- Manual open/close
- 8 metal ribs
- Metal shaft
- White plastic hook handle
- Clear transparent PVC material
- 83cm when closed

Made in NZ by Lethaby who have been making umbrellas since, well.. before most of us were in diapers!

NB: These umbrellas come with a white powder residue so that when they are sitting under the warehouse and our stores hot lights, the plastic doesn't stick. It is very easy to wash off with a cloth and then you are good to go!