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Companion x Crushes Denim Bucket Hat


These handmade bucket hats are so sick! But wait to you hear their cool story.

Made from recycled denim fabric. Made right here in Aotearoa by Companion; a small NZ business that hires refugess and migrants because as they say "Companion celebrates diversity in an international context of ongoing politicised debate regarding refugee quotas & the economic impact of migrants. Meaningful employment is a crucial component for integration & contribution." 

Check out the quality of their craft with the great contract white stitch along the brim. Beautifully made.

We love the lil' chin straps; very Chris Parker from Celebrity Tresure Island. Geek chic.

Please note, these are all different and will not exactly look like what is pictured. But to make it easier for you to purchase, we have also included what a light wash denim looks like, if that be ye wish!

Comes in two sizes:
- S-M: 56cm circumference and 
- M-L –59cm circumference