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Dimple Mouthblown Glass Bowl


We are so happy to present these beauties. This unique design has an elevated interior which creates an interesting profile and makes it a precious home to your precious goods that it will hold.

Slowly made by the classic art of mouth blowing by Auckland artisan Matthew Hall - who has been making glass art for over 20 years!

Please note: 
- not all colours are pictured here as we are still ordering these from Matthew as a luck dip
- this also means the colour you choose may differ from what is pictured. We recommend that you make your selectiong from the list of colour names, not based on the pictures alone. 
- if you would like to see our current selection before you confirm your purchase, please email us at and we would love to help.

- 65 x 110m
- Choose from all the colours of ROYGBIV! 
- Matthew Hall etches his signature in to the bottom, because this is art!