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Dimple Mouthblown Glass Bowl - Topaz bronze

Sold out

We are so happy to present these beauties. This unique design has an elevated interior which creates an interesting profile and makes it a precious home to your precious goods that it will hold.

Slowly made by the classic art of mouth blowing by Auckland artisan Matthew Hall - who has been making glass art for over 20 years!

- 65 x 110m
- Choose from all the colours of ROYGBIV! 
- Matthew Hall etches his signature in to the bottom, because this is art!

Please note: 
- your colour may differ sightly from what is pictured
- some bowls will have small imperfections due to the nature of mouth-blowing glass - this might show in bubbles - perfectly normal in this medium!
- if you would like to see our current selection before you confirm your purchase, please email us at and we would love to help.