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DIY Pottery Mindful Kits

by Handsy
Sold out

Release your mind and work with your hands. With this box, you can make up to 2x clay mugs. You don't need to have any experience, in fact this is all about creative play. But if you do want rules, there is a how-to-guide and provided tools you can learn to wield! 

This box is designed to inspire the next generation of crafters and give people a new tool to combat stress and anxiety. There even is a neat booklet all about mindfulness! In fact, they donate $5 from every kit to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. 

A great thing about owning this kit is that once you own the tools and gain the skills, you can always pick up clay and just keep creating if you get the pottery bug!

- Each kit has clay, a how-to guide, tips & tricks, tools and Pete the Potter's Mindful Moments - a set of 5 cards with ways people can be mindful e.g. breathing, gratefulness.
- Please note, all clay creations need to be glazed and fired before they can be used - there is a list of kilns on the Handsy website people can visit.