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Hand Crochet Boob Tube Top and Skirt Set


Welcoming with open arms our newest member of the Crushes family, Hooked By Lizzie!

Crushes collabed with Lizzie on this project by collecting second hand crochet blankets, and turning them into on trend life time stpale pieces in your wadrobe.

Lizzie's goal is to kill fast fashion- "No but really, there are so many existing materials in this world, so many beautiful things that can be given new and exciting lives. I love the idea of upcycling, literally taking something and changing its use, making it into a new beautiful and unique thing that can continue to be loved in its new form. I also just love to crochet and to create. Each piece I make is imbued with all my love. I want everyone else to fall as in love with crochet as I have"

Made in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Size L