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Handmade Coffee Scoop


Ōtautahi, Christchurch based designer John Robertson also known as Wood and Chisel are the newest addition to the Crushes Family. 

100-150 years ago, this timber was floated down the rivers to mills in local towns. Not all the logs made it; some sank to the bottom of the rivers and have been preserved by the low-oxygen, mineral-rich rivers. Now it has been repourposed and carved using Tōtara (pink timber) and Mataī (dark chocolate colour) timber retrieved from these riverbeds in the Titoki area.  

- Finished with the Natural Paint Co's food-safe natural Danish oil and polished with my own beeswax finishing polish. 
- Packed in a simple cardboard box with shredded office paper waste. 
- 90mm long, 50mm wide, 30mm depth.