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"Let's Call K' Road Karangahape Again" Tote Bag

by Crushes

"Karangahape". It's the full, powerful and correct version of the post-colonial nick name "K' Road". We choose to say the long version instead to spark conversations of how we can restore the mana as allies to Te Tiriti o Waitangi, to honour the history that this important ridgeline holds, and to boast of our community here on Karangahape Road!

The British changed all of the Te Reo place names to english words as they occupied them. Karangahape is the only Māori name left in the city because it wasn't apat of the growing town for decades, but also because the ridgeline was really dominant and often used, so the name was still was being said. Through the 20th Century it started to be called 'K' Road' because the petitions to change it to an English name was denied (because "the Māori were going to die out soon anyway"), and the average pākeha kiwi didn't want to say anything so long, or 'hard' to say. 

It's so exciting to be in a time where the conversations about how we treat our history and our indigenous are changing all over the world. Even our new train station is called Karanga-ā-Hape acknowledging the history of this place - so rad. 

- Calico tote bag
- Ethically made in India
- Screenprinted in Karangahape
- Limited numbers