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Liam Pattern - Anne Wrap Top / Dress

by Liam

The Anne top is a versatile wrap style that has long slim sleeves and waist ties.

- Choose for it to be a blouse with a peplum hem, top or dress.
- It can be made with the wrap going around to the back or finishing at the front side
- You can also get the 'Pack o' Sleeves' pack to customise the sleeves to be any style.
- This pattern difficulty is: intermediate
- The packets come in two size sets: 'Size 4-10', and 'Size 12-18'. (If you need a different size, you can contact Liam directly to send you your sizing)
- Made in Aotearoa


You know the famous NZ brand Liam. Well, we are big fans. Especially when COVID hit and the fashion industry came to a stand still, Liam took the time to re-evaluate the future of fashion, and decided to side step production and look in to a circular business model by making patterns. 

With these clothing patterns, you can now take Liams' beautiful clothing in to your own hands - literally. You could choose your own sustainable or recycled fabrics. You will be reviving the art of sewing, of which you will learn skills that will help you to mend your clothing and extending their lives. You can keep re-using this pattern over and over. And you will appreciate your clothing in a new way - you will care for it, mend it, and keep it.