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Metal Drinking Straw and Cleaning Brush


Give me a YAS if you are sick of throwing out plastic straws! It has been said that the UK use 15 million a day, and the USA use 500 million. Straws are also in the Top 4 items found in the ocean. Poor turtles..

Throw away no more with these nifty stainless steel drinking straws. Small enough to take with you everywhere, you will never have to use a plastic straw again. Use at home for your daily lemon water or take to your local cafe, beach. Personally, I leave mine in my car (because I am a bit of a Drive-Through Queen) and simply say 'no plastic'.

- Made from type 304, food-grade stainless steel
- Dishwasher safe
- 21cm in length
- Incredibly durable

We especially like it because it is specifically designed by a young kiwi lady designing under the name Caliwoods to be the best it can be with the shape, the design, and functionality. A new business we can definitely get behind.