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Natural Beard Balm

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THIS SMELLS AMAZING!! Seriously if the gals aren't after you already, they will be in hordes, with a bit of this on your manly beard. The balm is lightly scented with a natural, citrus-ey kind of scent. It's a creamy texture that melts into the skin.

The green tea part of the mix softens and stimulates healthy hair growth, and the neem oil is soothing and moisturising on itchy, irritated skin. It will nourish and condition your beard, giving a light hold. This particular blend helps with acne, inflammation, razor burn, so to be honest you can use it on more than just your beard.

This product, and full collection is especially amazing because every ingredient that makes it up is farmed by the maker Country Kitchen! Incredible. She then hand makes her own formula, packages it, and seals it with this seriously cool black dipped wax lid. She also has a couple of young kids, so...

- 60mL