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Natural Deodorant - Rose and Geranium

by B.Bold

Are you a sweaty guy or gal? We here at BABL must work so hard because we are always sweaty! We have tried all of the natural deodorants on the market, and as you know, finding a good one is hard. It has to be easy to apply, not irritating, smell good and actually work. 

Well no fear - the Natural Deodorant Fairy Godmothers are here! Hannah and Monica from B.Bold have created the perfect formula. It contains hydrating mango seed butter leaving skin soft. It is creamy and easy to apply, leaving no residue on the fingers. There are two delicious, fresh scents to choose from. And take it from the most sensitive girl out, it is fine on sensitive skin! (unless you have had reactions to baking soda before). 

- 58g of deodorant in each pot, which will last for three motnhs.

- Works to balance PH in armpits so the bacteria that causes odour can't hang out.

- Scented with rose and geranium oils . Bright and floral.