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Organic Collagen Essentials Powder

by Thea

Collagen is the beauty industries sweetheart. Collagen not only supports strength to your bodies tissue and bones, but your skin loves it! It creates more elasticity and shine. And where your skin goes, your hair and nails follow. They will be strengthened and grow faster.

In this collagen blend:
- highly purified collagen peptides from marine sources, neutral in taste and smell.
- Tremella mushrooms (aka Snow Mushroom) because it has long been used by Traditional Chinese Medicine and touted for being a superfood high in antioxidants, anti-inflammation and has hydration qualities. And,
- Vitamin C so it can best enhances the absorption of collagen.  

Serve with milk, add to your smoothies, hot drinks, or sprinkle over your breakfast as it is odourless so can be consumed any which way that you enjoy.

- Made from high quality, sustainably sourced French Marine collagen. 
- 212g
- certifiably organic (J.A.S, E.U and U.S.D.A)
- packaged in a re-usable tin