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Patch Repair Zine by Jessica Jay


Jessica Jay from Reparation Studio is making the art of visible mending accessible. This zine is full of tutorials and inspiration to artfully employ the ancient art of visible mending to embrace any damage by making do and mending. 

You will learn how to collect and source the right materials, stitching basics, learn all the basic running stitches, learn about a contemplatice and mindful practise, how to do slow stitch squares, learn the creative context, make patch collages, mending tips, and see case study's. 

It's a beautiful publication with great graphic and photographic qualities.

This publication also comes with (a password protected) video instructions, so it is great bang for your buck. 

PN: If you are excited to get going but you need the gear, please check out our DIY Visible Mending Kit that has everything you need to get started, including online visual instructions!