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Razor Blade Refill - 20 Pack


20x razor blades for only $12.50. That is a cheap cheap shave. In fact, that is at most 12c per time. AND these boys are going to get recycled as it comes with an envelope to send back to the maker so she can ENSURE it can be (as these cannot be put in home recycling bins as it is too dangerous!). And do we even need to say it? No. Plastic. Praise the lord. 

We also sell the stainless steel reusable razors / shavers too which come with 5 blades if you need to get started.

Tips: You don't need to press hard at all! Just lightly drag and it will give you a great shave.

Designed and serviced by brilliant kiwi Shay of Caliwoods who is doing great stuff for mother earth!