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Red Rose and Clary Sage Bath Salt Soak

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We don't mean to brag, but our co-owner Sarah Firmston makes a damn good bath product! This is her latest creation, and is in the prettiest packaging you'll ever see. A floral salt soak for instant serenity. Clarifying clary sage and nourishing rose combine with a unique blend of high quality therapeutic minerals for the ultimate unwind.

Salts have been used for centuries to help soothe sore muscles, de-stress the body, cleanse and exfoliate, and our dreamy mix with evening primrose oil also luxuriously moisturises.


- A blend of epsom salts, pink Himalayan sea salt, and Pacific sea salt. High in magnesium and sodium, these minerals have been said to relax the nervous system, relieve sore muscles, boost circulation and brighten and exfoliate the skin.

- Gamma linolenic acid-rich evening primrose oil softens the skin, and is said to increase the skin cells' ability to absorb oxygen.

- Soothing rose essential oil and dried rose petals impart a subtle scent, the petals floating romantically on the surface of the water.

-Used by aromatherapists as an antispasmodic, deodorant, tonic and sedative, clary sage essential oil is said to provide balance.

Douse and Co.  products are as good for your skin as they are the environment, containing no nasties, just high quality natural ingredients. Each jar contains enough salts for 6 baths, and the packaging makes it the perfect gift!