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Ethical Period Underwear

by Reemi

It's so important to discuss period poverty on a local and global scale; which is why the launch of Reemi was a no brainer for us to share with you. 

This incredible company kickstarted in 2019, and is now fully recongised as a New Zealand based, non for profit organisation, meaning all of the proceeds are heading straight into the pocket of the creators of this garment, women that are based in Bangladesh. Not only that, but Reemi strives to ensure that menstruation education is vocalised, where you can trust that sustainable, culturally appropriate and hygenic access is at the forefront of their values! 

The underwear itself has been catered to New Zealand women - with a size range from 6- size 18, it is a world first in using self-disinfecting natural fibre, which can absorb up to two tampons worth of blood. (WOHOO) The leakproof lining, sustainable fibres and technology means they are a breeze for anyone to wear, whether you're new to aunty flo or seeking a more sustainable option that can be thrown in the wash and ready for use over and over!

- Non for profit organisation - all proceeds go directly to the garment workers in Bangladesh
- Leakproof technology (can hold up to 2 tampons worth of blood) 
- Sizes 6 - 18 
- New Zealand designed
- Manufactured in Bangladesh
- Machine washable
- Natural self disinfecting fibres
- Combats odor