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Pure Green Tea


The Informal Tea super smooth and mellow single estate Green Tea is pure magic. Their organic green tea begins it's journey to your cup from the remote and expansive Wuyuan mountains in China. The process of making this tea results is called 'Liu An Gua Pian' which is regarded as the most complicated green tea to make! A delicate, ancient art. So you know it's good.

For best results from brewing, use one teaspoon of tea per cup of water. Once you've boiled the jug, leave it cool for a minute or two and then infuse the tea for up to four minutes. 

We also love that Informal Tea choose to locally and responsibly manufacture their biodegradable packaging. And because loose leaf tea doesn't require any synthetic teabags, you can feel happy to drink the tea, and put both your leaves and the packaging in the compost. Beautiful!

- 40g
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