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Reindigenising Your Ikura w/ AWWA

by Crushes

AWWA tackles the stigma around periods by reigniting the stories and celebration of periods as first told by our Tīpuna (ancestors) and to teach traditions to re-indigenise and break down barriers, reconnecting people with their cycles. As it was something to be celebrated! Linking generations of women back to our creation stories. The blood represented our own ancestors and our descendants. When it stopped flowing, it signaled the arrival of new whanau. For Māori, Kuia or elders would teach both girls and boys about menstruation so by the time a girl's first period arrived, everybody understood its importance and how special it was. It was particularly important for boys to learn, because it was the men who took care of the cooking of food and took on more household duties so the women could rest.

Exclusive to Crushes, Michele Wilson, CEO, and co-founder of AWWA period care will be speaking about her purpose, the reasons behind starting AWWA period care and how you too can help to re-indigenise periods.

We will have 10% off all AWWA period undies that you can redeem on the night (subject to your size being available).

- Thursday December 7 – 6:00pm – 8:30pm while Karangahape Road is having a special late night called First Thursdays!
- This will be held on the level above our store Crushes on 225 Karangahape Road, Newton, Auckland
- With special drinks from our friends at Drink Alrighty

This is a part of Crushes Social Club, a weekly event programme designed to create community and creativity on Karanghape Road. Everyone in our community is most welcome, and is a safe, relaxed and fun environment.