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'The Communal Women' by Alanna Josie

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An exclusive work for International Womens Day by Auckland Artist Alanna Josie.

"The purpose of this print is inclusivity - I was careful to use silhouettes from behind, as anyone who identifies as 'woman' can see themselves in butts, backs and some lovely curves and rolls here and there! There are no 'obvious' things that physically define a 'woman', as not everyone who identifies that way has boobs or like them if they have them. I painted them without heads, because hair can sometimes define gender for some people, and I want anyone to be able to see themselves in the painting. I included some colour options without the use of skin-tones also, because we want anyone and everyone celebrated on this day. Arms are around each other because what defines 'women' the most to me is uplifting, supporting, uniting, and strengthening one another. We celebrate together, we cry together, and we encourage each other. As a student midwife, being with the birthing person is what is at the core of our practice, and I feel that that is the communal goal women have deep-down, to be with each other. Through it all. 

- Choose from A5, A4 or A3
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- Frame not included