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Extra Small Menstrual Cup


Do you love Mother Earth and are sick of spending your hard earned money on over-priced tampons and pads? Yeah, thought so. Well menstural cups are here, and better and cuter than ever! Each cup is made from medical grade plastic called TPE, containing no rubber latex, PBAs or heavy metals, meaning they are hypoallergic. Each cup lasts five years, thats five years of tampons and pads YOU are keeping out of the landfill. Go on, buy one. Your honey pot will love you for it.

 - Made in New Zealand

- Will last you 5 years, and can be recycled after its life.

- Comes in a fun box containing instrustions on how to use.

- Come in three sizes. Extra Small holds 17.5mls and is softer than the larger sizes, so perfect for younger users.