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Why The Change?

Why The Change?

2011. The year of the peter pan collar, the cat headbands, and kitsch babydoll dresses. Also the year we opened our brand new store, The Bread and Butter Letter. Our logo was scrabble letters, and bunting and type-writer key neklaces were the best sellers. 

If you have ever been in to our place, you know that this is not us anymore. We are tomboys, and much prefer to look relaxed as opposed to 'done up'. Our lifestyle goods are functional and timeless, not 'quirky' or cute. Whatever goods we choose to sell in the store is based on what we feel is coming next, not what has come before us. With a secondhand store, this is a fine balance. 

When we knew the name had to change, we already knew the successful candidate would be 'Crushes'. It is the name of our in-house brand as well as a wholesale and production company that we facilitate around the country to other design stores. We love the idea that customers will see our products in store and will get a better understanding of our designs by seeing the brands aesthetic all around them. 

We also believe that 'Crushes' tells a fantastic story. What compels one to do what they do, if not what they love and crush on? We have the biggest crush on our ridiculously hard working team. We have mad respect and crushes for all of our makers and designers who are brave enough to do what they love going against mass manufacturing and international big players. We have the biggest crush on our Karangahape Road regulars who are our greatest muse. And, we're crushing on ethical fashion and want to crush the mentality that secondhand goods are crap and NZ Made is too expensive and not current.

And lastly, we're excited to not be mistaken as a bakery and all the calls about foccacia bread. 

Thanks for coming with us on our journey,
Sarah and Rose


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