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Wildflower Planting Tips

Wildflower Planting Tips

Bees and Butterflies are really important to our ecosystem, so its time we gave them a bit of a helping hand!

You'll notice all of our jewellery is packaged on seed paper (our alternative to wasteful packaging), and we have now made Wildflower Bee and Butterfly seed packs which have a blend of seed that will specifically help to attract our favourite flying insects.

Each pack contains a blend of annual and perennial pollen and nectar rich flower that will attract colourful butterflies to your garden year after year. These flowers bloom over a long season giving butterflies and bees the varied and nutritious diet they seek.

So here is some tips to get the most out of your wildflower seeds:

1. Some seed varieties in the mix will take until the second season to flower so be careful what you weed out or mulch over and don't sow too densely, its best to just leave them to do their own thing.

2. Wildflowers are wild, so if you can they are ideal to plant in planter boxes or beds that wont spread too far, to make sure things don't start to over take or wonderful natives.

3. Best planted in Early Spring to Early Autumn, in full sun.

Happy planting! 

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