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★ free candle with orders over $100 ★
★ free candle with orders over $100 ★

Soft Cup Bra - Orange

by Awwa
Sold out

Founders Michele and Kylie created AWWA as a way to switch up conversation around menstral care and empower woman to take control of how that consume period products, feeling cute and confidant whilst doing so. AWWA is derived form the Te Reo MЋЃori word 'awa' meaning river or flow - very fitting if you ask me!

AWWA bra'sare made sustainabley from recycled natural cellulosic fibers resulting in a buttery soft material.

  • Machine washable
  • 92%?яTENCELѓ?›?яModal, 8% elastane

These come in a range of colours and also you can pair them with AWWA's period underwear?! Click here to see the whole collection.

You're helping to end period poverty in New Zealand when you purchase AWWA products as they are committed to donating the equivalent of 2% revenue (by way of product donations) in every financial year.