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Candle Club

So you have been gifted a subscription to Crushes Candle Club? Exciting!

This is literally the gift that keeps giving. Every month, you will get a package delivered to you that has mouth-watering candles. The candles that get packed in your delivery every month will change; one month it could be a popular fragrance we make, or it could be an exclusive, or it could be pillar candles with candlestick holders, or a never-smelt-before fragrance!

Crushes has become a house hold name for candles. And it's not just because of our popular fragrances, but because Crushes always goes a step further. All of our candles are made here in Aotearoa. We only use safe-to-burn 100% soy wax. We also have started a recycling initiative where when you send back a cleaned out candle vessel, you get 10% off your next candle purchase! You can find this recycling centre in our Karangahape Road store.

We send out our Crushes Candle Club subscription boxes on the 1st of every month, so that is about when you can expect your next delivery.

Any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!