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★ free candle with orders over $100 ★
★ free candle with orders over $100 ★

Natural Materials

Crushes loves to stock natural, raw, organic and/or vegan goods. They just look better. In this time of mass manufacturing that is full of synthetic alternatives, we are desiring a return to the simplicities of life. The beauty of nature and craftsmanship.

Cheap ceramics and glassware are so diluted with fillers that they are lightweight and smash when bumped. Candle wax is made up of harmful fillers. Skincare is tested on animals because it laden with too many potentially harmful chemicals. Textile technology mimics real materials with a synthetic alternative because it is cheaper. It is so prevalent, we have a generation of people unsure what quality fabrics look and feel like anymore. There was a time where natural materials were all we had, and it improved the products functionality and usability in our lives, as opposed to hindered or endangered it.

With the current anti-plastic awakening we seem to be experiencing, the after life of a product or garment has never been such a public topic to explore. When we ‘take out’ the trash, where is ‘out’? What happens to our goods that break? Whos responsibility is it?

Natural textiles will eventually disintegrate into nothingness. Synthetic materials break down, but only into tiny pieces, and they never fully goes away. ‘But whole damn malls made up of synthetic materials’ I hear you say, and mate, you’re not wrong. The amount that we are consuming is huge and fast. And dangerously wasteful at the end of its life.