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New Zealand Made

Crushes sells over 60 New Zealand businesses. It is our joy to participate and facilitate in their growth as well as to promote the importance of shopping locally.

When you purchase locally made goods, your hard earned money touches more locally-owned businesses than the one you originally purchased from as local businesses purchase from one another. An artist needs supplies, a designer needs manufacturing, a craftsman needs power, etc. This strengthens our economy by ensuring that there is enough opportunity for paid projects, and labour to keep these local businesses operational. Especially because these businesses are tax payers. When you purchase from a New Zealand company, you are helping strengthen the middle class as local businesses are employers, creating new jobs.

When you purchase locally made goods, you aren’t costing the earth as much as getting things shipped and imported. It takes much less resources moving goods domestically.

When you purchase locally made goods, you supporting the little guys. You’re giving the opportunity to grow their business and to compete with large, international conglomerates. And when you purchase locally made goods, you are retaining the unique character of your local community which is defined by the business that reside there. That plays a big factor in your overall satisfaction with where you live.