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Small Business

The beginning of a business is a special time where enthusiasm overlaps with creativity and the result of which is a unique idea. It is our joy to present independent and new voices, whether they are starting out on their journey, doing it as a side hustle, or doing it as a ‘labour of love’’.

It is brave to start a creative business in this climate. Small businesses are competing with big businesses who are producing not only the largest quantities the world has ever seen, but also at a pace that seems to only quicken, and with RRPs rapidly dropping which creates tough competition. They are in a crowded market that is hard to be heard in. To start a new business with these factors shows confidence that we want to get behind and support.

Small businesses have to have a unique voice to continue in strength. Everyone benefits from this when it is done well. The customer gets to take home something thoughtful and interesting, the maker gets to experience their creativity in full, and our shop gets the benefit of that palpable and contagious creativity.

Crushes loves to get behind new businesses and occasionally gets the opportunity to participate in forming decisions by guiding and educating them for a retail environment with the goal that they start and continue to be a sustainable and financially healthy business. And sometimes even getting to tailor products specifically for our Karangahape customers.

When you purchase from a small business, you are securing creatives in your community to continue pursuing their heroic art, your helping strengthen the local economy, and you are putting a smile on the business owners face.