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Socially Conscious

Made known by brands like TOMS, socially conscious companies give back with every purchase. The popularity of a brand like Toms was revolutionary as it showed that consumers do care about what they purchase, and want to invest in companies that align with their values.

Crushes chooses to support companies that are socially conscious as we know that our customers are compassionate and egalitarian as they purposefully purchase from companies that support social and environmental issues. It means that they get to participate in change. And walk away with something nice, too.

The Auckland company Frank Stationery, use the buy-one-give-one model. When one buys their stationery they give an item to a student from various South Auckland schools. Being able to provide stationery is a way to not only support a child in need but equips schools to provide the best education possible. 295’000 New Zealand children live in poverty. Frank has given over 45’000 pieces of stationery in their time, with 2’000+ of that from Crushes sales. Our co-owner Sarah Firmston started a socially conscious business where she donates all of the profits of her side business Douse & Co to supports various charities close to her heart.

Then there is The Loyal Workshop. A young New Zealand family moved to Calcutta and started a business that hires women from the sex industry (that is exploitative and considered forced slavery), and re-train them to make beautiful leather bags and wallets. The women who makes the bags have their name printed in them, which gives her recognition and dignity, as well as a new start at life.