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We don’t just sell goods to sell goods. Crushes deliberately chooses every item because we want to promote the maker, its stories, and its value.

We sell two kinds of sustainable products. The first of which are products that can replace the items in your life that have unnecessary packaging that are polluting the earth. Packaging is a significant contributor to waste. New Zealanders consume 735’000 tonnes of packaging every year and recycle only about 58% of it. And you thought plastic bags were the problem. Over the years, items like Honeywrap and menstrual cups have become increasingly popular in our store, making it obvious that as an extended community, we are choosing reusable products over the convenient ones.

Our generation definitely forgets that plastic plates, and cling wrap are all new-ish concepts. The other type of sustainable products that we sell are goods that have been thoughtfully and intentionally designed to reduce and/or eliminate the waste and pollution that is created while manufacturing. Waste is a big issue with manufacturing and production, especially with size and pace of global mass manufacturing. Our leather bags are vege tanned, which is an eco-friendly alternative to the otherwise pollutant tanning industry. Our other leather bags are vegan leather which is a material finally being celebrated as it opts out of cruel animal skinning practices. We have woodworkers choosing to use off-cut recycled timbers, reducing timber mills., Etc. These businesses are making goods good again, and we are all about it.