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AM: Mushroom Powder Blend


We have used non-toxic mushrooms for medicinal purposes for thousands of years with historical evidence of Greek physicians like Hippocrates to ancient Chinese alchemists using mushrooms for their healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Modern science has proven the ancient healers right, that medicinal mushrooms do contain incredibly powerful properties.

This AM blend combines a selection of adaptogenic mushrooms packed-full of beta glucan polysaccharides to help you seize the day. 

100% mushrooms, blending:
- Lion’s Mane — to switch on the brain, the ultimate brain food  (50%)
- Cordyceps — for an energy boost, the get up and go  (25%)
- Chaga — to help strengthen your immunity & aid your body’s natural detoxification systems  (25%)

No fillers | No additives

Choose between 2x sizes; 100g (30 serves) and 220g (60 serves)

How to use:
- Morning mushrooms are a popular addition to your morning coffee - simply stir in 1tsp! 
- This AM blend is super versatile though, you could add to your morning smoothie, or mix it into your go-to breakfast  

Packaged in recycled cardboard and the mushrooms are sustainably farmed