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Beeswax Pillar Candle

by Crushes

Because its hard to find a 100% beeswax candle, we decided that we needed to step in! Hand poured by our boss Sarah using only NZ beeswax which makes a clean and long burning candle with a delcious  delicious soft honey, musky smell.

Because it is hand poured and not machine made, there is some very minor imperfections that make us love it even more!

- 100% NZ Beeswax!
- Hand poured in Aotearoa
- 50 x 88mm
- Comes wrapped in tissue paper 
- Safe, clean burning as we use unbleached, 100% cotton paper braided wicks. Read more about Crushes mindful manufacturing and commitment to safe, fragrant candles here
PN: Always burn on top of a heat reistant surface like a small dish not directly onto a table or bench as pillar candles melt down