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Cedar Sage Candle

by Crushes

A gorgeous, moody fragrance. Simply described as a woods-y, musky fragrance. With top notes of Sage, Citron, Bergamot. Dynamic mid notes of Flowers and Black Pepper. And dry woody base notes like Redwood Cedar.

- 120g of 100% soy wax

- Hand-poured here in Auckland, New Zealand
- Will burn for approximately 35 hours
- Frosted glass jar with aluminium lid and paper label, making it easy to recycle.
- Safe, clean burning as we use unbleached, 100% cotton paper braided wicks, 100% soy wax and certified 'Natural fragrance'. Read more about Crushes mindful manufacturing and commitment to safe, fragrant candles here

If you love this fragrance, you can now start a subscription so you never have to run out again. Choose your frequency, save a little money, and cancel anytime. Easy!

And once you're done with this candle, Crushes is now collecting vessels for re-use. Click here to see how to properly clean out your vessel for re-use! When you bring back your clean vessel, you get 10% back towards your next candle purchase