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★ free candle with orders over $100 ★

Chocolate & Mānuka Chipotle Hot Sauce


Holy hot sauce, this small batch Chocolate & Mānuka Chipotle is whipped up by hand in NZ's own Paekākāriki. Designed to be s-p-i-c-y as well as showcasing Aotearoa's wonderfully diverse culinary landscape. Rather than overwhelming a dish with heat, this will complement your flavours as well as bringing a lovely level of spice.

A deep floral and earthy blend of mānuka smoked chipotle and dark cocoa create a rich base. 

Made with a focus on local ingredients - mānuka honey in this one!   

- No artificial colours, preservatives, flavours or thickeners
- Small batch handmade in Paekākāriki
- 150ml
- Medium heat