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DIY Candle Painting Kit

by Crushes

Our candle painting video got the world talking as it got watched 8 million times and shared 130k times, with people asking "who wants to do this with me?". Well now you can! Because we have made a D.I.Y Candle Painting Kit!

Candle painting is decorating a candle with coloured wax (which makes it safe to burn). And the outcome of this fun hobby is an extremely aesthetic, unique, feature piece for your space! 

We made sure to include enough supplies for you to host your own craft night because there is nothing better than sharing a hobby with your friends. Or of course, you can keep all the supplies to make lots of pieces for yourself!

Our D.I.Y Candle Painting Kit includes;
- 5x hand-poured, soy wax, taper candles (230mm tall and 23mm at it's base)
- 4x extra large hand-poured, soy wax, coloured tealights (60mm x 20mm)
- 5x specialty, double ended tools
- very detailed instructions (as there is a bit of an art to it!)

What we love about candle painting is that it really requires you to slow down and be creative stroke-by-stroke. And if you like guided artful practises, check out our other D.I.Y kits that we make.

This is made here in New Zealand by us here at Crushes. Literally! Our boss Sarah lovingly makes each of these candles herself. We use 100% natural wax candles made of a blend of soy and beeswax, and un-bleached 100% cotton wicks.