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★ free candle with orders over $100 ★

Essential Oils

by Crushes

Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts from the flowers, leaves, seed, bark, roots or peel of a plant which make them have concentrated fragrance. That makes essential oils perfect for an oil burner, or as a perfurme (remember to mix with a carrier oil). 

Choose from a variety of fragrances;
- Cinnamon Bark helps boost vitality and mood during times of nervous exhaustion or debility. It promotes a sense of wellbeing and vigour. The warm, stimulating scent of Cinnamon helps invigorate and create an uplifting atmosphere in any home
- Lavendar; Known for its calming, soothing properties, it improves sleeplessness, anxiety and exhaustion
- Lemon helps clarify the mind, aiding concentration and steadying nervousness. This scent is uplifting and provides a sense of calm and when feeling overwhelmed and also a great choice to add to any cleaning and washing blends. 
- Peppermint is a fresh and invigorating aroma, It refreshes the spirit and stimulates mental agility and concentration
- Pink Grapefruit is both a sweet and citrus scent. It is refreshing and a mood enhancer, the reviving scent helps uplift and refresh the mind, sharpen senses and promote alertness. 
- Sage is of great help during times of anxiety, nervous tension, low mood and nervous depletion. Especially helpful when the mind feels panicky, fearful, scattered or out of control. 
- Sandalwood is deeply relaxing and calming. It aids inner strength when feeling weak, fearful or lacking confidence, and promotes inner peace when feeling stressed, irritated or aggressive. Sandalwood helps quiet the mind and is a good oil to help deal with past trauma and fears. It instils a sense of warmth and openness.
- Sweet Orange is a zesty and refreshing scent of Orange essential oil uplifts and boosts the mind. Not only does this encourage mega relaxation and freshen up a room,  it also soothes any nerves, tension or stress.
- Ylang ylang is deeply relaxing, helping to ease nervous tension, anger and frustration and lift a low mood. It helps bring forth positive femininity and open the heart.
- Rosemary is well known as a scalp and hair tonic. Great in massage blends as it stimulates blood flow and warms a stiff, tired body. Rosemary is one of the best oils for mental clarity and focus and to revive the senses. It helps clear the head and stimulate brain function. 

- 10ml glass bottle
- Best kept away from sunlight
- When using any essential oils on your skin, always mix with another carrier oil, we recommend our Marula or Argan oil
- Use sparingly, patch test on a small area of skin first
- Not recommended for use while pregnant