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Fresh Linen - Comforting Candle

by Crushes

We made these beauties to add a touch of elegance to every part of your home. Designed to be minimal yet luxurious, they each bring a beautiful aroma to delight your senses.

Introducing the five star fragrance: Fresh Linen. Sea Salt and White Lily fused alongside Cashmere and Musk to bathe the room in the scent of fresh sheets billowing in the morning breeze. This fragrance brings out the 'Je Ne Sais Quois?' of any living space. It's the perfect candle to light at the end of a long work day to escape into your favourite luxurious suite.

- 250g of 100% soy wax
- Hand-poured here in Auckland, New Zealand
- Will burn for approximately 75 hours
- Safe, clean burning as we use unbleached, 100% cotton paper braided wicks, 100% soy wax and certified 'Natural fragrance'. Read more about Crushes mindful manufacturing and commitment to safe, fragrant candles here

If you love this fragrance, you can now start a subscription so you never have to run out again. Choose your frequency, save a little money, and cancel anytime. Easy!

And once you're done with this candle, Crushes is now collecting vessels for re-use. Click here to see how to properly clean out your vessel for re-use! When you bring back your clean vessel, you get 10% back towards your next candle purchase