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Mamaku Advanced HydraGel


We have never been more proud to welcome the newest skin care line, Mamaku Skin to Crushes. The Mamaku Advanced Hydra Gel is a beautiful and powerful rapid hydrator. This restores the skin back to its natural appearance, improving signs of skin concerns such as aging, eczema and dryness.

Mamaku products are named after their hero ingredient Mamaku, a native black tree fern found in damp forested areas in Aotearoa, New Zealand. These products contain the all-in-one bioactive, Mamaku contains unique biopolymers and nutrients with anti–aging and healing properties. These properties, recognised by Māori, have made it an important part of rongoā (plant-based medicine) for generations.

We stand by Mamaku in the belief that plants, trees and soils are the medicine cabinets where we would source a cure or supportive care for our health issues. In Māori understanding, these plants and trees are our tuākana (elders) and they are the gifts from Papatūānuku (Mother Earth).

This product is safe and suitable for both mums and bubs.