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Stainless Steel Reusable Razor


The last razor you will ever buy! Say hello to low waste shaves and say goodbye to plastic. Also say hello to your money again, because this razors the cheapest way to stay hair-free, if that's your thing.

- Made of Stainless Steel 
- Safety razor
- Comes with 5 Stainless Steel Blades 
- Comes with 1x Blade Return Envelope (fill with 40 blades and send back to repurpose!)
- Super durable and there are no parts that will break.
- 9.5cm handle, 4.4cm holding plate

It's easy to use. Simply screw mechanism and two top holding plates. Each blade will give you 5x really decent shaves before needing replacing, there are 20 in a refill pack, which makes it 12c every time you shave. 

Tips: You don't need to press hard at all! Just lightly drag and it will give you a great shave.

Designed and serviced by brilliant kiwi Shay of Caliwoods who is doing great stuff for mother earth!