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Vegan Foodwrap - 3 Pack

by Crushes
Original Price $18.00
Current Price $13.00

You may have heard of beeswax food wrap, the re-usable and sustainable version of gladwrap. This vegan food wrap acts and serves much like the beeswax foodwrap, except it is made out of plant based wax - a safer and more loving alternative for our bee friends. This is because normally for one to obtain honey or beeswax, the honeycomb must be removed from the hive, along with the honey contained within, depriving the bees of their food source and storage space. For some vegans, this is an example of the exploitation of animals.

Simply use the warmth of your hands to smooth the foodwrap over your container/sandwhich/produce, and put in the fridge where it will cool and harden forming a strong bond, keeping your food fresh!

- This is a 3 pack and comes with 3 sizes; Small, medium and large