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Thoughts About "Plastic-Free" July

Thoughts About "Plastic-Free" July

Welcome to “Plastic-Free July”, where one challenges themself to use little to no plastic for a full month. Hard? Absolutely. Some might even say impossible. I've already purchased something plastic today and it's day 1.

There is so much unavoidable plastic forced upon us, the problem can feel unsurmountable. That’s why this month can be so powerful because it can challenge our rituals and help to keep our mind open for alternative solutions.

Of course, that is what Crushes is all about, changing our mindset about our consumption towards a life of intentionality. Like, you could swap your everyday items for sustainable, re-usable, compostable alternatives. [CLICK HERE]

But this email isn’t here to sell you anything. In fact, an easy way to lower our emissions is to stop participating in consumerism in general, which relies on dirty and wasteful manufacturing practices. We just wanted to welcome you in to a new month, and perhaps a new frame of mind.

Without judgement, what is one thing you could do to ‘clean up your act’?

Where do we start?

1. Check Your Bin

What’s in there tells a lot about your habbits, and from there you could think of alternatives and swaps

2. Get Inspired

You will LOVE this story about a whole japanese town who are plastic-free because of their implemented systems! [CLICK HERE]

3. Don’t Despair

We tend to ignore big issues because of the ‘dread’ feeling. How about some good news: This week, NZ announced the ban of single use plastics like plates, straws, etc by 2025! [CLICK HERE]

This month, you can expect that Crushes will share a whole bunch of useful, unjudgemental musings and tips from our staff about reducing our waste and consumption in general!
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