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Crushes Merchandise Project

Crushes Merchandise Project

We always wanted to do some sort of branded merchandise, but got stuck at early stages unable to justify using the amount of resources it would take to make the apparel. This led us to look at the project differently and we landed on an ethical option we are proud to offer.


Because Crushes really values on keeping clothing out of landfills, and respecting the carbon-cost it takes to make any item, we use only secondhand clothing for this project. We have to search deep in bins for good quality vintage tees and sweatshirts that we would be glad to own as they are. We look for both that really thick stiff cotton and also the beautifully worn fabric that is hard to find.

By using only recycled blanks, it means that every single piece of merchandise is 1-of-1. It also means we offer all ranges of sizes because we aren't restricted with large bulk orders.


Because we chose to use only secondhand goods, we tidy them up as if they were brand new (again). This means we shave them, get out any marks, re-cut and wash all of our blanks so our customers can put it straight on.


As much as we are passionate about keeping clothes out of landfill, Crushes equally values local manufacturing. So when it came to the garment tag, we searched all down the country and found the last label made in New Zealand. Local manufacturing is so important to maintaining our economy, and if we all did it we would be able to revive dead industries and make more jobs! Win, win!

Our owner Rose then hand sews them in to each piece.


For the design, we use young, underground local talent like Messy Cat and we design in house too! Read more about the story behind the Karangahape design here.


Talking of local manufacturing, we use the one-man-band Dougs who runs his studio just down the road from us. We chose to go with Doug because he

1. only uses supplies that are GOTS certified (ensuring the entire supply chain is organic and sustainable, ensuring social conscience)
2. only uses cotton thread that is OEKO-TEX certified (ensuring a sustainable production, recognising the manufacturer as being socially responsible)
3. only uses supplies that are Testex certified (ensuring that the thread contains no harmful substances)
4. he donates 10% of his profits to Trees For Survival who involve young kids in planting trees while restoring natural biodiversity
5. He's actually just the nicest guy you'll meet.

Shop Crushes Merchandise here

 Ethical Merchandise

 Shop Crushes Merchandise here

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