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The Crushes "Saved From Landfill" Project

The Crushes "Saved From Landfill" Project

You may have seen a special clothing tag in our store that says "Saved From Landfill". This tag is used when we find something too good to be thrown away, and instead do our best to save it! The problems vary between each garment. It could have a broken zip, age spots, no buttons, hems fallen down, stubborn stains, rips, etc. The tag indicates that it was loved enough to be fixed.

Now, look. As a business woman, I can tell you that this does not make for a good business model. We pour time and money in to fixing clothing back to (or as close as) it's original standard for no extra financial benefit. BUT! We fix it and extend its life to validate the environmental and social resources it took to make it. And of course, to save it from landfill.

The great thing is that the buyer of these items gets to be apart of the garments story. They get to be in the next chapter, no - the epilogue - where the story was supposed to be finished but continued to be told. And that is a very special thing to be apart of.


Below, you will see what a day in Jesus-style garment resurrection looks like. Of which we hope that you learn lots of new tricks for you to save your clothes from landfill.

I always use one or more of the following essentials:

1. The sun is the greatest bleach agent you will ever have. It's free, it's the least wasteful, and you already own it! Lay your clothes out for the sun to bathe the stains out.

2. Oxygen Bleach; This is a vintage clothing saviour because
a) it is colour safe (no runs!)
b) it is non-toxic (though still handle with gloves) and,
c) it is super gnarly and gets right in there. I use it for things like age spots and stains, but have not had luck with oil-based stains.

3. SARD soap; Use on stains before you wash as it does damage before you even get started. I use it with an old toothbrush to agitate the stain.


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