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Your Next Candle According To Your Starsign

Your Next Candle According To Your Starsign

Steadfast, headstrong, take no prisoners. These are all things your haters berate you for because they hate to see a girl boss winning. A powerful zest and fierce drive means you might be a lil’ bit of a diva - but that’s a compliment these days anyway. Ask Mariah! Command the boardroom with an equally powerful olfactory presence: Oud Zest

One of my favourite Earth signs, you are a homebody at heart who adores the good things in life. And why shouldn’t you, you’re hotter than Venus baby! You gotta chill out sometimes when repping all that casual glamour. Make a Taurus' pen truly opulent (and yet also cozy) with Cedar Sage. Nothing indulges the bull’s earthly roots like transporting to an enchanted little meadow.

Just because you have two faces doesn’t mean that you’re duplicitous - it just means there’s more versions of you to love! You’re the spark and the firework; the rose and the thorn. Like a deadly yet striking carnation, you’re the centrepiece to any occasion. A true vamp and socialite, you’re as enticing as our beloved staff favourite Dark Bloom

The understated yet reliable babe, you’re as awe-inspiring as the moon itself. Being around you feels like home, like your favourite cashmere throw blanket, and you're as soothing as the lapping sea-salt tide. It’s no wonder people open up so easily to you! A true water sign’s water sign, you couldn’t be more like Fresh Linen if you tried.

You’re the brightest star in any room - your heart is ruled by the Sun after all. Who could forget your musky allure and talk as sweet as vanilla? No one will admit it, they do compare you to a summer’s day in all the best ways. Therefore, you’re a dead ringer for our Summer Candle. And, just like a love affair with any Leo, you’re only around for a summertime fling (or so you want them to believe).

You’re so pragmatic and yet gentle that you make perfection seem so easy. You’ve crafted a foolproof recipe for every professional, romantic, and social procedure. Your cup is truly runningeth over (and you should probably go catch it!). A goddess of agriculture will feel right at home in the farmer fields of the Waikato White Tea and Lychee. Subtle yet elevated, just like our favourite virginal character.

The most balanced of the zodiac court, you’re able to juggle almost anything life can throw at you. You’re on top of all your work deadlines, you’re juggling 6 dates this week, cleaned the house…twice! And manage to do it all while being humble and gorgeous. Sometimes though, life can tip your scales. Find your centre with Burnt Sage; the perfect mix of sage, eucalyptus, and musk to ground and allure all who enter your domain. Seriously, can we talk about how Libras are the most flirtatious sign?

Nothing is as vicious as the scorpions sting. They love and attack so ferociously; the emotional warrior of the water signs. And, yet, they’re also so seductive you can’t help but think the sting is worth the sacrifice.
C’mon, Scorpio, lay down the trap for that skater fuckboy by lighting Oak Moss. After lighting that ember dirty like it’s earth day, they’ll become the easiest prey in your hands.

When Caroline Polachek said satellites can’t find ya - you felt that. A true nomad, you blaze across the world like an archer’s bow on fire - scorching every heart in your wake. Zesty and lively, you inspire a spark in everyone to pursue whatever is calling them. Then, you go, leaving only an unforgettable trace like a springtime breeze.
We could never truly capture the elusive and charismatic edge of the Archer, but we think Sweet Green is pretty close to the bullseye.

The dark horse (or dark goat, if you will) of your Earth sign family. You babes always intricately reap what you sew - and the harvest is truly bountiful. You’re definitely the rich, childless cool aunt of the friend group.
But success doesn’t come without Capricorn’s partner in crime: their morning coffee. Mix in The Cream One to indulge your mind and set your sights on success.

You’re soooo qU1rKeY and off-centre that of course the water bearer is an air sign - because that makes complete sense?? Enigmatic and a bit aloof yet also light and breezy, you’re the bestie that’s got a spontaneous plan that everyone who went will be talking about for years and the rest will have envious FOMO.
And a refreshing getaway isn’t complete without a drink, such as a Crisp Apple Cider

The tortured artist of the zodiac court, your creative brain can run at 500km a second. Whether it’s overanalysing that one thing your situationship of 2 months said (you’ve already written three songs and two poems), or your generational family trauma that you’ve linked back to the Dark Ages (your Premier Pro video about that is still rendering), or that really good muffin you had that the hot barista served you (you’ve covered Taylor The Latte Boy on your YouTube channel) - your brain just keeps on running just like this sentence.
It’s a no-brainer, your new perfect match is Bonne Nuit. Wrap yourself in a lavender haze and have a sweet dream (for once, you insomniac!).

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